Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Shooting: “Love, Inc.” @ Paramount Studios. Today things were pretty routine on set @ “Love, Inc.”. Surprisingly, there were no rewrites for the “nerds”. We had a great time with lots of laughing. We also had a network run-thru which seemed to go well. I have had the best of luck with fitting in other auditions. Right before lunch I slipped away for a commercial audition. One of the other “nerds”, Jeremy Guskin, wasn’t able to attend rehearsal today because he booked a national commercial for “Del Taco”. Go Jeremy!

Auditon: “Capital One” @ Ross Lacy Casting. I barely made it to this and back during my lunch break. It goes well.

The 2nd AD, Michelle, calls and asked me to be clean shaven for tomorrows pre-shoots. I already shaved my little goatee and now they want to be clean, clean shaven. The other two are younger than me and they want us all to look about the same age. So they are having me shave and telling them NOT to shave. I guess I’m getting older.

I have two commercial auditions tomorrow and I really hope I can make them both especially the “IBM” one. Oh yeah, I finally saw the “IBM” one I did back in June. It looks fun, totally different than what I envisioned. I like it, I hope it runs a lot.


Antonio Armstrong said...

I also saw your IBM spot running on ESPN and MSNBC. It was pretty cool and you looked like you were having fun.

Stephon Fuller said...

Great! Thanks for the heads up.