Friday, October 14, 2005

Ahh! What a day today was. I was planning to sleep in, but it was not to be. After a bunch of stuff I had to do this morning I was on my way home to grab a couple hours of rest. Right then I received a call from Janine @ Nancy Nayor Casting asking if I could intern for the rest of the day. They were swamped with submissions and needed help to open them.

So I arrived to a whole lot of submissions for 3 different films they are working on. The first thing it did was amaze me I get any appointments at all. I mean, there were so many submissions to go through. Boy, this is a tough business we are in. Fortunately, I bought my own letter opener with me.

When you go through over 1,000 photos it’s interesting to see what other actors’ methods are. I couldn’t understand the rationale of not stapling the headshot to the resume at all. You would think that attaching the two things would just make sense. I also noticed a lot of duplicate postcards. That seemed to be mostly people that were using labels. In this particular office they were addressed to three different people, but in reality the went in to one stack.

I can tell you that, from what I saw, everything gets looked at. If the submission had the right project and a character name it went into the stack with all of the agency submissions. So THAT was encouraging, but I gotta tell you the odds are……..well.

This was timely because I am in the midst of sending postcards for my appearance on “Love, Inc.” this week. Actually, they may have changed the date because there’s a different episode listed on I’m kinda in limbo because I don’t want to send them with a date if it not going to air, but I need to get the word out that I booked the job.

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