Saturday, October 22, 2005

Okay, my call time for the 48-hour film project I’m doing this weekend is 7:30am. The name of the project is “Cast THIS”. The film is to be no longer than 8-minutes, has to have certain line of dialogue, a certain prop, a certain character name and the genre given to our team is comedy. All of these guidelines came down last night @ 7pm. That is when writer, producer, actress Julia Flint starting writing. By 1am we all had the script. We had a read-through @ 8:30am and started shooting shortly thereafter.

The story is about a disgruntled casting director trying to cast a project. I play one of the actors auditioning for the project. I knew several of the actors from Actorsite. It was a fun, amazing experience. I still cannot believe that we got it all done. I see “we”, but I really mean “them”, I was just a piece in the wheel. Thanks Julia!

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