Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Busy day on tap, three auditions. This is the way I like it....until I get burned out and I’m screaming to get the ^&%* out of LA for a bit, which I feel happening at the moment. I definitely have a bit of a love/hate relationship with this city. Maybe “love/hate” is a bit strong, how about “love and “why the ^&* can’t I park there!!!” relationship. Don't get me wrong LA has been great to me, but sometimes I just want something a bit slower paced.

I have it pretty good as it is, spending about 6+ weeks a year at home on the East Coast. There are some things that could change my perspective like........and........yeah those things would be an interesting addition.

Audition: "Wal-Mart" @ Joe Blake Casting. This goes well and I think I'm right for it.

Audition: "The George Lopez Show" @ Zane/Pillsbury Casting. This the 3rd time in the last 3 weeks that I have read for this casting office. I haven't booked yet, but I think I am doing my job right. I just have to stay on the course of doing good work and the rest will work out......right?The character is a guy who is about to get married and he's getting some counseling about it. Ha! Sounds like my life! Moving right along….......The audition went well. They gave me a little redirect and I felt like I gave them what they asked for.

Tonight I'm conducted an orientation for another group of actors from Actor's Connection in New York. They are in LA testing the market. This was a nice, spirited session. At times I felt like a street preacher. I love to talk about things that I'm passionate about and I'm really passionate about business. Not just show business, any kind of business.

Audition: "Aftershock" @ Pemrick/Fronk Casting. Okay, I was late getting to this audition because I was talking to the New York group. I don't usually have appointments at 7:50pm, but I'm thankful. I've been trying to get into this casting office for years. They cast tons of independent films. It was a little weird because even though a lot of people were in the waiting room I was taken in immediately because they paired me up with another actor I hadn't even taken my jacket off yet when I was brought in the room.

The other actor wanted to talk about another project we had worked on together. It was great to see him, but I didn't want to talk about it right then in front of the Producer, Director and Casting director. So that started off a little weird, but I think I recovered and got back on track. When I came out of the room I ran into a dear friend of mine which was a really nice surprise.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I have a new theatrical agent. Well not exactly a new agent, but an additional agent at my theatrical agency. Her name is Caleigh and I already like her. She is young and energetic and even knew who I was when I walked in her office. I know that if my existing agents brought her on board she must have her stuff together. Caleigh was brought in because one of the partners, Josh Schiowitz, is relocating back to the New York office.


Anonymous said...

Getting married and getting some counseling sounds like your life...anything you'd like to share with your many fans.

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephon,
Congratulations on your neat blog. I saw it listed with your photo on an Actorsite sign-up list on the Forum. You've inspired me to do the same. See you at a workshop.
Angela McEwan

Stephon Fuller said...

Ahhh....Not really anything to share......or is least not yet.

Stephon Fuller said...

Thanks for the kind words Angela.