Friday, December 09, 2005

Audition: “In Search of the Perfect White Woman” @ Maslar/Liem Casting. Interesting title huh? My agent seemed to be a little suspect about the project, but knows that the writer/director Alonzo Brown has a history in the industry. Actually, he is the writer of 2003’s “Honey” starring Jessica Alba and Mekhi Phifer.

Can I say, again, that I really like my agents? I mean when Caleigh called with the appointment I really got the feeling that she was rooting for me. I like that feeling.

The character I’m reading for is “Derrick” a wannabe rapper trying to come up in the game. He is really bad at rapping so that works well for me - Stephon. If you are curious; I like “Derrick”, suck at rapping too.

“In Search of the Perfect White Woman”. The title alone is sure to get some attention. There is no imdb listing for the project so I googled the title to see what I could find. Ha! I found a website exclusively devoted to White Women and their search for Black men. WHAT! Obviously, I know that interracial relationships are common; I’ve been in a few myself. BUT I didn’t have any idea that the demand was this great; at least according to this site. Wow, you can find anything and everything on the internet – even if you aren’t looking for it.

Partners Ricki Maslar & Caroline Liem both greeted me warmly when I arrived at the office. Actually, Ricki hired me several years ago in an indie film called “XCU”. When Caroline took me in the room to audition writer/director Alonzo Brown immediately said he had seen me before in a film or TV project or something. I haven’t really been in anything lately and didn’t wanna lie so I just paused and said “Good! – CUT!”. That got a good laugh from the room; which helped me get in a groove to read. The producer handed him my resume, he looked it over and seemed quite impressed. That was a cool feeling.

I always feel I have a bit more freedom with the text in a film audition vs. television so I was feeling quite free. The read went well, really well. I added a couple of extra things to the text and it just flowed for me. I was happy with the results. Oh yeah, this was one of the lead roles.

So I leave the office feeling really good and I’m waiting for the elevator to come and I hear “Stephon!” I answer “Yes”. It’s Caroline coming out to get me to say that the director wants me to read for another role – this time it’s “Rodney”, the lead in the film. Cool.

So I go back in 45 minutes later and have a good read for “Rodney” as well. I felt “Derrick” was a lot more fun, but I think on I may be more right for “Rodney”. We’ll see. I called Caleigh to tell her how it went and she was really, really excited.

This was a really good ending to the week because I haven’t been feeling like myself, physically, since returning from my Thanksgiving vacation. I’m just really tired and not my normal motivated self. I’ve been faking my way through it, just trying to make it through the next couple of weeks until I can go home and recharge. It always happens like this before I go home, I kinda run myself really, really hard and then I leave town and return ready to rock and roll. The cool thing is that I go home and really disengage from my LA hustle – which I think is good because it is a real hustle.

Last night was particularly bad, I was feeling horrible. So bad that I cancelled a workshop I was scheduled for. Get this, I love taking baths, but I rarely do because I don’t like my bathroom. I usually only do it now when I stay in a hotel. So last night I really want to take a bath, so I do. I ran my water, took a couple of Nyquil, an Airborne pill and some Vitamin C. I woke up later, naked in the tub, with no water in it!! WHAT!! Yeah, my brother laughed his ass off when I told him that. I laughed my ass off too. Being sick sucks! I’ll be back though. I think the next two weeks I’ll try to keep working out at the gym and start playing tennis with my new tennis racket. I’m sure I’ll be doing drops and auditioning too.

I look forward to two more Nyquils tonight! I’m gonna sleep like Sleeping Beauty tonight. I can’t wait!

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