Friday, January 13, 2006

Wow, pilot season has officially begun for me. I don’t usually get any pilot auditions this early in the season, but my agent called with one today. Hopefully, between this and my commercial activity it will be a busy Spring. I really wanna keep myself busy and then leave LA for a vacation in June. I’m thinking of going to Europe to visit my older brother and see my new niece. Gotta make some cheese first though!!

Audition/Pilot: “Sex, Money, Love & Politics” @ Jill Anthony & Associates.


keith gregory said...

Finally saw your IBM commerical...

looked great!!!!!

Keith Gregory

CP said...

Score for the pilot. That's a funny one.

Amy said...

welcome to being linked in my blog (see link attached to comment :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephon

My name is John Pick--I'm a Chicago actor gauging a move to L.A. and happened upon your blog when I googled a casting director. I'm kind of in a holding pattern here because I'm trying to come out there with my SAG card. I have an agent here that gets me SAG auditions and would love to hit the ground running out there. So I'm trying to figure out anyway I can to get it before I get out there. Reading your blog was very informative and entertaining. I'd love to be able to meet you when I head that way and if you have any advice on how to get SAG fast, please let me know. My email is Thanks for sharing your story.

John Pick