Friday, January 06, 2006

Wow! Welcome back to the biz. Alicia, Brooke, Jenny, Tracy, Don and Rose, my agents and assistants @ KSA seem to be really be in the business of "get Stephon Fuller a job!". I love it. I had 5 auditions today; four commercially and one for print.

They are doing what they are expected to do and I have to do my part. I had a pretty good day. They say "you can't have it all" and I don’t, but I've got a lot. I really do. In the biz and out.

Audition: "T-mobile" @ Spot Casting. This is a mistake that I have made before and I have to stop. When the call came in from my agent, they told me "sides are available @ LA Casting". For some reason I forget over and over to download and prepare the sides that are "available @ LA Casting". I guess because commercials don’t usually have too much copy.

So, of course, I get to the audition at the Casting Studios and within 30 seconds they are taking my photo and bringing me in the room. It wasn't a lot of dialogue, but enough that I needed to know what I was doing. Fortunately, my wonderful auditioning partner, who had heard the group explanation, was more than willing to help. In the end, the audition went great.

Audition: "K-mart" @ Joe Blake Casting. This was great because my auditioning partner was Dionne Lea. Dionne and I did a play together back in '97 when I lived in New York. It's always great to see people from years ago that are still in the game.

Audition: "Dairy Queen" @ Joe Blake Casting. Another one that goes well.

Audition/Print Go-See: "Audi" @ Brigid McBride Casting. I get to the location in Venice 90-minutes late because of some of the other appointments running long. 5 digital pics and I’m in and out pretty quick.

Audition: “Wendy’s” @ Ross Lacy Casting. Fortunately, I was still able to get seen for this one; I was an hour late. Actually, my auditioning partner from the “Dairy Queen” spot earlier was my partner for this one too. This caps a great day of running around LA.© 1993 - 2005 All Rights Reserved

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Stephon -

Glad you had a nice trip. I also got to finally spend time with family this past holiday season (thanksgiving & Christmas). I hadnt been back home in over 2 years and hadnt been up to see my brother & his children since they were born. I sadly hadnt realized exactly how much I truly missed & appreciated my family. This was a wonderful way to bring 2005 to a close - and just as you said, BRING ON 2006!

Sadly - over the past 4 months or so, it looks as tho both of my new agents have proven to be useless. :-( Any insights on how I might get a meeting with a better agent?

Congradulations On a Very Busy Day - and what I hope will be a very busy & successful year for you.

As Always - Thank You for writing your blog, it brings me hope & inspiration on a daily basis.

Peace & Thanks,
Jesse Daly said...

ps - I was wondering what your opinion is of the headshots I currently have posted to nowcasting?

Best Wishes,

Stephon Fuller said...

Hey Jesse,

I'm glad you got to visit your family. For me, it make all of the difference in the world.

The photo you have, I think, is okay. It's not bad, but it also doesn't really jump off of the screen either. It's a tough thing to get the right photo. I don't think you are way off the mark though.