Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I had my meeting this morning with Jenny Vavra, head of the print department @ KSA. I've been with them for over 7 years, but I haven't ever given them the proper tools to work with – the zed card. Why? I have an excuse; it’s not really a valid one, but one nonetheless. Here it goes. I don’t like shooting headshots and I get a pretty good number of commercial and theatrical appointments; so I just didn’t make it the priority that I should have.

Over the years my agent Jenny has been using my headshots and getting me what she could. Shame on me!! Having a zed card could have made both of us more money over the years. Oh well, today is the first day of the rest of my life. I kinda feel bad because a lot of people would love to be repped by KSA and I've been just hoping for the best. Gotta stop that.

This meeting was to get me on the correct track to move forward in the print arena. Jenny made me feel really comfortable and explained a lot of things to me. She also told how this bio/blog played a part in getting me in the office. Funny how things work sometimes. I left with a clear understanding of what type of photos she wants and a list photographers to meet with. She also gave me a time frame of when she would like to have these things in hand. I like that "you gotta help me help you" way of working. That's the line I added to the one line I had scripted in "The Terminal" and it actually made the final cut. Thanks Steven Spielberg!

This afternoon I helped out in the office @ Natasha Cuba/Jeanne McCarthy Casting this afternoon. They are swamped, they've got like 10 episodes of an F/X show to cast THIS WEEK. Crazy. It reminded me of what we are really up against as actors. I am still amazed every time I get an audition for anything; the competition is unbelievable.

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