Friday, February 03, 2006

Tonight my youngest brother Todd and his son arrived from Virginia Beach, VA to attend a motorcycle race in Anaheim. It was sooooo great to see have no idea.

They flew into Santa Ana because it was cheaper so they had a really long day. My 7 year old nephew thought my living quarters were just hilarious. I mean he started snickering and laughing before he even got inside my studio apartment.

In Virginia, he lives in a normal 4 bedroom home with a two-car garage on a nice lot. He has his own room. So do I, but that's all I have. LOL!

EXT/INT. Stephon’s place – 11:55pm

Stephon, Todd and my nephew are entering my building and heading up to the 2nd floor studio apartment. My nephew is looking around amazed, amused and already snickering. As we enter………

STEPHON: What's so funny?

NEPHEW: (He looks at his dad for approval before he completely clowns me). Is this where you live?

STEPHON: Yeah, what is so funny about that?

NEPHEW: (Laughing) Is that your bed?

STEPHON: YES! That is my bed.

NEPHEW: Sydney's bed is bigger than yours. (Sydney is the little sister of one of his friends.)

STEPHON: (I'm thinking to myself Sydney is 2, she cannot possibly have a bed larger than my full size. Can she?) Sydney's bed is not bigger than mine.

NEPHEW: She has more pillows.

STEPHON: Whatever! Punk! Go to sleep. Aren't you supposed to be jet lagged or something.


STEPHON: (to his dad) Yo, this kid did a full day in school, took a cross-country flight and he has enough energy to clown me?

TODD: That's your nephew.

The were in town for about 32 hours and the timing was really bad.

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