Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Jury duty. Ugh! I was selected about 3 years ago, shortly after my mom passed away and was excused. So here I am again. I gotta tell ya, dealing with the City/State is always interesting. It's as different a world as Hollywood; it's like going to DMV. I guess I'm getting used to Hollywood; I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing......or both.

Fortunately, I was to sneak out to my commercial audition during lunch from jury duty.

Audition: "" @ Joe Blake Casting. I think I might be a little young for a bank manager, but it went well.

I made it back to the courthouse just in time. Thankfully, we actually had a 2-hour lunch so that worked in my favor. Shortly after lunch I was called to be a potential juror. Me and about 18 others waited outside the courtroom for 20 minutes and then the defendant plea bargained. As a result we were sent back to the holding area and released about 30 minutes later. I gotta tell you being at the courthouse sucks. I wouldn't want regular visits there to be in my future, no no no!. I mean, I guess there are other reasons to be there, but it just doesn't feel good.

All in all a good experience. They were nice and I didn't have to pay for parking. I wouldn't mind serving on a jury; I bet it's a very interesting experience. It's just that it could play havoc on my schedule. Since auditioning is my current job I can't miss them unless it's a great reason. One day, I'll get to serve.....if the timing is right.

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