Saturday, May 06, 2006

I had 3 commercial auditions yesterday. Well, actually I had two scheduled, but when I went to the first one I peeped what was going on in the next room. It was a “KFC” spot also being cast by Ross Lacy. While I waited to go in for my scheduled one, I scoped out the “KFC” to see exactly who was going in for it. I saw several African-American guys that were my type; some of them I’ve auditioned with before. Hmm, should I make a move? What should I do?

On the one hand Ross calls me quite often and there might have been a specific reason while wasn’t being seen for this one so I wanted to really think about my next move. Actually, this same scenario has happened before and I elected to let it ride for various reasons. So I figured I could do one of 4 things:
  • Try to straight up crash the audition and weasel my way in. (not likely, although I did do a version of that one time and booked a national “Pizza Hut” spot.)
  • Ask the session runner. (I didn’t want to do that; I recognized the guy and didn’t think it would work.)
  • Call my agents, let them know what I saw and see if they could get me in.
  • Be happy that I have 2 auditions and call it a day.

I thought about it for a minute and there is something to be said for being able to recognize an opportunity when it is in front of you. That is a sense I think I have and it has served me in the past. It’s exactly how I got the “Honda” gig I went to Japan for; it ended up being like $10,000 when it was all over. I can’t afford to possibly leave 10K on the table if I can do something about it. I could probably pick-up some new gym shoes with 10K…or better yet get closer to buying a condo.

I opted for choice #3 - call my agents. So I speak to Don, one of the assistants and tell him what I saw. He says he’ll talk to the agent and get back to me. Cool. The great thing about my relationship with my agents is that I have confidence that they will, at the very least, try to get me in.

It’s not that important to me if they actually do. Well of course I want to get seen, but they great thing is that they take me seriously. They could easily just say “Oh yeah we submitted you; maybe they’ll go another day.” I would bet that I was submitted, but for whatever reason was not given an appointment. Who knows what the reason might be, but the key is trying to change that. I am very selective about when I call them for these types situations; I don’t want them to think I call about anything and everything just for attention.

19 minutes later Don calls back with an appointment. Bingo! That made 3 auditions for yesterday – and they all went really well.

Yesterday evening I attended a celebration for one my commercial agents who got a huge promotion. I am so excited for her; it’s great to see people move forward in their chosen field. I’m always going on and on about how great it is to be represented by these wonderful people – I can’t help it. All of my agents and assistants were there and I even met some casting people. I almost felt like I was doing the “Hollywood Thing!!” I had a great time.

Afterwards I went to a surprise birthday party for my friend Tanika Brown. I hadn’t seen her for a good while and it really showed me how the internet makes me feel like I’m in touch with folks, but in reality I’m in touch in a virtual world kinda way. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s priceless to actually get out in the company of others and have human contact. I was only there for a little while, but Tanika, myself, Melissa Madison and others at the party had some great laughs and the internet can’t really compete with that. I’ve gotta do that more often.

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