Tuesday, November 15, 2011

After a long night at work last night I got a great wake up call from my commercial agent Alicia with the news that I booked the CDW industrial.  The greatest part of the booking is that it’s to be directed by the legendary Joe Pytka.  I refer to Mr. Pykta as the “Steven Spielberg of the commercial world”.  He is an amazingly, talented and sometimes...interesting guy.  Plus he has a HUGE reputation for using actors over and over...and over again.  
I’ve worked with Joe twice in the past; both times for IBM.  The first of the two commercials didn’t air too much, but the second one aired a lot, was great fun...both on set and in the bank account.  Mr Pytka has a bit of a reputation for being tough on everybody on his set.  That includes the ad agency personnel, client, cast & crew.  I’ve heard stories of actors refusing to work with him again after a bad experience with him.  In my limited encounters with Joe I’ve always found him to be someone who has a biting sense of humor, but usually fun and good natured.
Anyway, Alicia gave me information for a fitting this morning that I can’t talk about since I signed a non-disclosure agreement.   All I’ll say is that it was great fun.
Tonight I attended a seminar entitled INSIDE THE MIND OF A THEATRICAL AGENT.  It was very informative and probably worth the $25 admission fee.  


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