Saturday, April 21, 2012

My comedy class went pretty well today.  Better than last week.  I was much less nervous and I like my teacher and classmates.  The homework writing exercises are difficult because things don’t usually seem so funny when I’m writing them down.  I guess I just have to try to make it a habit.  Or not.   

My 23 year-old nephew, Trey, called me today with some great news.  He opened up a Roth IRA account.  I had a conference call with he and his older sister September 5th 2009 about the topic of personal finance.  At the time he was a junior in college and didn’t really have the money to do it, but the information stayed with him.  I’m far from an expert on the topic, BUT I am an expert on how I became debt-free.  I wanted to give them some of the guidance that I didn’t get when I was their age.  It might not even be guidance.  Maybe it’s just a sounding board and a sharing of ideas.

I also treated a fellow employee to lunch this week while we discussed his financial situation.  We started talking about it 2 years ago, but he wasn’t committed enough to actually start moving in that direction back then, but now he seems to be a little more serious about it.  It’s scary to think how far along he would be in the process if he’d started then, but it’s better that he start now than later.  I spoke to him a few days later and I can tell that our time together was fruitful.  He sounds more confident and actually excited about the future of his finances.  He’s got a new pep in his step.  I can attest that it’s made a huge difference in my life and I’m just trying to encourage others to take a serious look at their hard-earned dollars.

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