Monday, April 30, 2012

Shooting” TOTAL RECALL @ Sony Studios.  10am call time.  Back into wardrobe and ready to rock & roll!  Again, I did a bit of waiting before finally getting on set and meeting Jessica Biel…whoa, that young lady is beautiful; like naturally beautiful, not so much in a typical Hollywood way.  More like a girl next-door knock out.  She’s really nice too. 

The thing about doing these really small parts is that they can…not shoot them.  I had a weird feeling that could happen so I was really happy to finally get called to set and interact with the director, Len Wiseman.  I was dressed the same as many of the background players so I’m not really sure that they knew I wasn’t actually one of them.  It’s a $200 million dollar production with a ton of things going so I just needed to do as I was told and hope for the best; there wasn’t much more I could do than that.

After a while of doing that scene we broke for lunch and afterwards I waited around for several hours.  Finally the word came to me that I was wrapped…without shooting “my stuff”.  Ouch!  It certainly wasn’t what I wanted to hear, but I have enough experience in the game to know that booking a job doesn’t mean I will get to actually shoot the job.  Well, I got to shoot a little and that’s better than none.  I’d been on set since 10am; it’s now 8:35pm and I’m supposed to be at work @ 9pm.  I had called the restaurant earlier to let them know I would, most likely, be at least a little late.

Oh yeah, I got a photo with Colin, but I promised him I wouldn’t post it until after the movie opened.  Cool dude that Colin Farrell. 

How hard is it to go from the set of a $200 million dollar movie directly to slinging burgers to drunk people on The Sunset Strip 45 minutes later?  Well, for me, not that hard, BUT I’m SO looking forward to the day when that is no longer in the cards for me.  Now, I just have to hope that I’m in the final credits…that is a big deal for the bottom line.

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