Sunday, May 27, 2012

So yesterday I went to see THE AVENGERS.  Honestly, I don’t know too much about the history of each character and all of that since I’m not too versed about comic books.   As a kid I was out playing in the woods finding snakes or building a ramp to jump over people on my BMX bike – stuff like that.  As a result I didn’t watch a ton of TV…I know who Superman is though.  So I just watched the film and enjoyed it for what was on the screen in front of me.  I liked it.

At the very end my mind perked up to some dialogue that, for some reason, seemed familiar to me; very familiar.  I couldn’t figure it out at first, but then it came to me.  I’m referring to the people at the very end of the film that were, basically, talking about how cool it was that The Avengers were there to save the day. 

Cut to:

Back on February 3rd of this year I got a last minute call for an audition for a small role in a very large studio film.  I didn’t know what the project was then, but now I know it was THE AVENGERS!  Obviously, I didn’t get the role, but I mention it because it made me feel as though I don’t give myself enough credit for what I have accomplished in the entertainment business.  It’s easy to concentrate on the fact that I didn’t get the role, but what I did get is confirmation that I’m on the mind of one of the most important studio film casting offices in Hollywood.  Just last month I booked a role in TOTAL RECALL, without auditioning.  That booking came from being on the mind of a different, really important, casting director in town.  Yeah, I’m making progress and I need to remember that and not be so hard of myself…while still pushing to make this career go to the next level.

I had a good commercial class today; I was pretty happy with my performance.  During the class a funny thing happened when the instructor was talking about an ad campaign from some years ago that was very successful.  The client, a bank, then changed ad agencies and shot a new campaign which, I guess, was a failure.  That bank is now out of business.  I was in one of the commercials of the new $100 million dollar campaign.  Ha!  Am I failure?  I don’t know, but I had a great time shooting the commercial and I made good money it.  I guess if one books enough commercials some of those companies will go out of business…just pay me first!

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