Wednesday, August 01, 2012

I was funny when I walked into this audition.   It was weird. Every little thing that the casting director or the other actors said I had some sort of little funny thing to comment about.  Anyway, the Casting Director thought I would be great for a different commercial that they were doing as well so, as a result, I got to audition for that one too.

Audition: “Dodge” @ Rick Montgomery Casting.  This was the one that I got pulled into; I think it went okay.  I was okay with that so we’ll see if they were okay with it as well.

Audition: “Ford” @ Rick Montgomery Casting.  This one was fun. I was supposed to go in with a fellow actor but no one else showed up so it was just me. I read with the casting director and had a great time with a little improv at the end.   It was a blast.

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