Friday, March 22, 2013

Audition: “Farmer’s Insurance” @ [skirts].  Auditions don’t get much simpler than this one…and I was good!  Great, in fact!

This afternoon I was checking my email on my phone and a call came in from my commercial agency.  I don’t usually pick up; I let them go to voicemail so that I have any pertinent information they may have for me.  I had a feeling this particular call was about the SCHLAGE commercial that I was on avail for.  I knew I would be able to tell whether I was booked/had another callback or released by how quickly the voicemail notification came through on my phone.  Unfortunately the message came through almost immediately.  I checked the message and it was confirmed that I had, in fact, been released from the spot.  Ouch!

There is no way to give me dates, compensation, shoot dates, director, production company, wardrobe info, etc. in 12 seconds.  But one can easily say “Sorry Stephon, but you’ve been released from the SCHLAGE spot”, in 12 seconds.

That’s okay, I’ll book another one soon.

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