Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Audition/Tape: “The Goldberg’s” @ Leslie Litt Casting.  This was a great time!  I actually walked out of the casting office feeling like I was certainly doing what I was meant to do…instead of filled with self-doubt. 

The Casting Director, Leslie Litt, is the CD who cast me on “FRIENDS”, my first TV job ever.  I wasn’t sure if Leslie would remember me since I haven’t been in her office many times, over the years, since “FRIENDS”.  Turns out she did remember and we had a nice little chat about it.

I would love to book this role!  It would be fun to play and good piece for my demo reel.  If I don’t book this one hopefully I’ll be called into her office more in the future.  The near future.

Audition: “HP/UPS” @ Ross Lacy Casting.  This interview-style of audition went well today; they don’t always go well because sometimes I think I get caught…acting.

Anyway, I think I look the part.  Callbacks are tomorrow so I’ll know soon if I’m moving on to the next stage in the process…or not.


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