Friday, September 06, 2013

My phone is ringing @ 10:01am.  It’s my commercial agency.  It’s one of 4 things.

A last minute audition.
An avail release for VERIZON.
A 2nd callback for VERIZON.
Or, a VERIZON booking.

Can you guess which one I’m hoping it is?

If the voicemail notification arrives within 15 seconds I’m pretty certain it’s release from VERIZON.  If it takes longer…then it’s most likely better news.

It’s take longer; around 30 seconds. 

The next step is retrieving the voicemail and listening to it.  My hope is that it’s a woman leaving the message and not a man.  If it’s a woman it almost guarantees that I booked VERIZON. 

It was a woman, and YES!  I booked the VERIZON commercial!!!  I’m so excited.  40 minutes later wardrobe calls to see if I can be at a fitting in an hour.  Of course I can. 

The fitting was interesting.  Years ago I had an “incident” at a casting director workshop where an actress “slapped the taste out of my mouth” during a scene.  I later called her on the phone to discuss it that was also an interesting exchange.

Anyway, I saw her name on the call sheet, then 30 minutes later I saw her in the flesh!  It’s on!  Just kidding.  I didn’t say anything to her…and she didn’t say anything to me.  I don’t even know if she remembers that “the incident” even happened or who I am/was.  Who knows.  BUT, I knew I’d see or work with her again! The “Day of Reckoning” has arrived!

Back to the fitting.

As usual, I tried on a zillion different outfits, took a bunch of photos and, 3 hours later, I was on my way back to…bumper-to-traffic on Interstate 10E with a happy smile on my face.

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