Friday, September 13, 2013

Shooting: “Verizon” Calabasas, CA.  Here I am again.  I say “again” meaning that I went from working all night in the restaurant to an all-day acting job and, basically, back to the restaurant.

I worked last night from 9pm until 4:15am this morning.  Of course I didn’t sleep because I was afraid I wouldn’t wake up for my 6am call time – so I stayed awake.

I’m often asked why I don’t just get someone to cover my shift for me.  Much easier said than done.  I work the graveyard shift, trust me, no one is eager to take over my shift.  I’ve never even asked anyone to help me out, I have a huge fear of rejection.  Asking someone to help me out and then no one coming through to actually help me out is worse than not asking at all.  Yeah, my fear of rejection is huge.  As long as I know what my day looks like I can usually handle what I need to do…that doesn’t make it smart though. 

Anyway, the shoot was great!  I was one of a group of “innovators”; more specifically, I was the “lead innovator”.  That came by surprise because I had no idea that I was what they call the “hero guy”. 

Director Lance Acord and crew were a complete pleasure to work with to say the least and I felt great about my performance.  A great day on set!  A great day for my wallet too.  I had an 8-hour day, plus 2-hours overtime, plus 3-hours double time, plus a 3-hour wardrobe fitting last week and a meal penalty all at SAG scale and a half.   

I got home just in time to shower, cat nap, and go to my other job…nice.

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