Monday, October 28, 2013

Most of the time when the mail carrier arrives it is to leave advertisements, bills and often times, checks.

Residual checks.

I’m not sure why actors aren’t receiving these electronically. When I’ve asked the question at union meetings they say that the studios refuse to participate. Usually, these checks are for relatively small amounts, like $57.60 for an airing of the episode of FRIENDS, my very first TV job, I shot in January of 1999. I do remember one day, while living in New York. I was on my way to my restaurant job and stopped by my P.O. Box at Rockefeller Center. In it was the largest check I’d ever seen made out to me, it was 5 digits for a PEPSI job I did in Spain. I was in a fog after looking at it. I don’t even remember the walk the rest of the way to the restaurant.

Or $0.49, before taxes, ($0.27 after taxes) for a film I worked on in 1997.

Actually, several months ago, I reached a milestone in my career. I had finally received one of those residual checks that I had heard so much about. It was a check, made out to me, for…$0.01. For a movie that I am not even in…at least they didn’t take taxes out of it. Glad I’ve got that milestone out of the way. Things can only get better from $0.01…

Right? Of course.

Well I think, “of course” depends what ones definition of “right” is in a particular situation or perspective. “Right” could mean that I received a much larger check than I received, so many years ago, for the PEPSI job. Wouldn’t that be nice?!

Or it could be the milestone-worthy check I received today. Fortunately, it was large enough so that taxes could be taken out of it. This check really put a smile on my face…especially the amount remaining after taxes. It even had a section on it listed “Deposit Advice”!

That’s right. Today I received a residual check for…


* * VOID * *

as in $0.00, (after a $0.01 deduction of FICA-SSA tax).

I will certainly not spend this…“all in one place”.

Callback: “CarMax” @ Brigid Mcbride Casting.  I was good in the room for the most part and I think I had a pretty good connection with the director.  There was one little part that I think I fumbled a little bit, but hopefully that won’t take me out of the running.

Oh, and good news.  My last day at my restaurant job will be Monday the 4th.

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