Wednesday, October 09, 2013

My Life on Beverly Blvd…


Stephon Fuller, African-American, in his xx’s.  He’s an actor in Hollywood out “making the rounds” dropping off photos to commercial casting offices…something even he himself believe is just barely above being a complete waste of time. 

So far, things aren’t going well, but he remembers one time, long ago, when this very same practice of dropping photos led him to booking a job that shot in Tokyo, Japan.

He is looking for that same magic again.

It’s a cloudy afternoon with a slight drizzle as Stephon walks down the sidewalk to his next location.  To his right, in the crosswalk, there is a Hispanic woman carrying one child with 3 more in tow.  I paused as we met on the sidewalk and let the mom and the cute brood go up the stairs in front of me.

It was then that I noticed something about the oldest boy…oldest as in maybe 9 or 10.  I looked at him again and turned away really quick.  Can’t be too careful, I didn’t want mama to think I was a weirdo…even though I was probably being “weird adjacent”. 

“Is it him?  Could it be?” I thought to myself.

I held the door for them to go into the building.  Well, I held the door because I’m a nice guy… and because I wanted to see the kid from the front.  I was 99% sure it was him.

As the mom is thanking me for holding the door I walk a few steps inside and say to her…

STEPHON: Is is is that the kid from the the AT&T commercial???

MOM:  (smiles) Yes, that’s him.

STEPHON:  Aw man, he’s like my favorite right now in commercials.  He was great!

Turns to the kid.

STEPHON:  You were great!  You were so funny!  I love, at the end, when you did the funny little pointing of your finger and you said, “To make it funny!”

The kid just looked at me and smiled.

KID:  Thanks.

To his mother.

STEPHON: Do you mind if I get a photo with him?

MOM:  Sure, that’s fine.

I pull out my phone.

STEPHON:  Can you do that thing with your finger?

KID:  Like this?

STEPHON:  Perfect.

I take photo.

STEPHON:  Thanks, I really appreciate it!

AT&T Commercial "Joke"

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