Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I didn’t have any auditions scheduled for today…until my commercial agency woke me up with one for the afternoon.  Great!  Since I left my night job days without auditions feel just a little bit different now that I’m flying “without a net”.    

Before I even got out of bed I received another call for a second audition.  Somehow, this gave me the energy to rush out to the gym for a quick workout.  I wish I enjoyed going to the gym half as much as I enjoy auditioning.  I think I just need the right motivation.   

Audition: “Walgreens” @ Shane Casting.  This was a ton of fun!  I love working with kids and today I had a chance to work with a 7 year-old girl and her audition “parents”.

Audition: “Audi” @ Ross Lacy Casting. This was insanely simple, just a short interview, but the other actor who I was in the room with brought his dog.  Cute dog, but he was going ABSOLUTELY NUTS in the room.  Like crazy.  The character was a PET STORE OWNER, but they said nothing about bringing a pet to the audition.

When I walked in the lobby area they guy was signing in on the sign-in sheet and the dog was cursing like sailor.  I was going to try to calm him down, but nope KILLER was not having it.  I stayed my narrow tail away.  Five feet beyond the reach of the leash.  

We get in the room and the FIDO was TURNT UP!  The session director almost sent the dog and the actor/owner out of the room so I could audition in peace.  ROVER settled a little...for a moment.  Then went crazy.  Then settled and I got through my read. 

The whole audition was just a question.  He asked me who I’d like to spend time with, right now, living or dead.  I said “My mom!” My face lit up! I went on about how cool she was and that her birthday is tomorrow.  I was so animated that I don’t think he realized that she had passed away 11 years ago.  Fortunately, SPOT, showed respect for my mom, Louise, and was quiet for that moment...well, relatively quiet.  Callbacks are tomorrow and hopefully I’ll be there. 


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