Monday, February 03, 2014

So I went to a Super Bowl party this afternoon. Didn't want to show up empty-handed so I brought a 12-pack of Blue Moon...and an A&W cream soda for myself.

Several more people showed up and we ran out of chairs. I helped bring a few more in from the guesthouse. I sat for a for a few minutes and a few more people arrived. I gave my chair to a young girl, so I was standing watching the game.

After a while a woman, that had been sitting, came and stood next to me. A moment later she introduced herself. We made some small talk and she asked if I had any children.

ME: No.

HER: Have you ever considered mentoring a child?

ME: Ah, ah, ah...Mentoring? Yeah, sometimes I read scripts, as an actor, that at-risk students have written in the area high schools.

HER: How would you feel about possibly mentoring a 5 year-old 1 or 2 times a month?

ME: Um, a 5 year-old?"

HER: As soon as you walked in knew I wanted to ask you.

ME: What was it about me? My sneakers?

HER: No. Just the way you carried yourself.

As my head was spinning, wondering what the heck had just happened she explained that she's a social worker and one of her clients could use some specific help and she thought I might fit the bill.

She gave me her card and asked me to consider it.


A 5 year-old??? That means a car seat in my car right?


This could be my opportunity to make my biggest impact in the world to date...

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