Monday, March 31, 2014

Callback: “National Responsible Father Clearinghouse PSA” @ Craig Colvin Casting.  The spot didn’t have any scripted dialogue; just me and "my kids" dancing, connecting and having a great time.

The director asked if "we" had any "dance moves". I was hoping he actually meant "them", but said "we" out of respect...ya know, since I was standing there.

My 7 year-old said, "Yeah!, I can spin on my back!" So he spun on his back...sorta. Then he giggled.

My 8 year-old said, "I can spin on my back too!" So he got on the floor and spun on his back as well… He was a little bit better I think...but his giggle was more restrained.

Now is when it became clear that "we" meant..."we", as in me included.

The director then asked me what I had.

I had already used my "90's rapper" dance move so I was pretty tapped out.

ME: Well, I can spin on my head, but I probably shouldn't for reasons of liability.

DIRECTOR: Really, you can spin on your head?

ME: No.


ME: I was hoping you wouldn't ask that.

DIRECTOR: What about the worm?

At this point I NEEDED to do something, but just kinda laughed like it was silly. The kids had no idea what the worm was...I only kinda knew.

DIRECTOR: You can do the worm?

ME: It's been forever! (As in NEVER!)

I'm thinking "oh sht". Here goes...something.

I had no idea what to do first in attempting the worm. So I took I took off my I wouldn't get a black eye or chip a tooth.

I got on the floor...and...started moving like a freakin' worm!!! I actually, sorta, felt like I was doing it. The worm!

I'm sure I wasn't, but we all got a laugh out of it and the kids were embarrassed by me...their "Dad".

Fun times.

The even better part was checking my messages afterwards and getting a surprise offer for a day of work on THE TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES film thanks to the great casting director Debra Zane.  I shoot tomorrow.

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