Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Shooting: “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” Downtown LA.  I had a great time shooting today.  It was a small, but fun bit to do. 

Ironically, two of the writers of the screenplay/executive producers, Josh Appelbaum & Andre Nemec, grew up with a friend of mine that I waited tables with back in New York.  I met Josh with my friend around 2000 when we went to a concert at the Universal amphitheater.  Josh and his partner Andre we're certainly working writers at that point but they have really moved up the ladder over the years.

I didn’t expect to see them on set, but to my great surprise, I did.  Of course Josh wouldn’t have remembered me by hearing my name or seeing my face, but I reminded him of the concert and he immediately remembered.  He took a photo of us and sent it to my friend, Max, who now lives in Florida.  He got a kick out of us being reunited all these years later.  Good, good times.


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