Monday, April 28, 2014

This past weekend I drove to Phoenix, Arizona to help a friend get a handle on her personal finance situation.  I was excited for a couple reasons.  I get a chance to help someone in a situation that seems hopeless to her, but I don’t think that it is at all.  Another reason is that it was the longest drive that I’ve taken in a really long time.  I just love road trips.  I used to being able to drive relatively long distances, but I seem to have lost my edge over the years.  Maybe it was from working overnight and I’m just always a little more tired than most people.

The drive was incredible!  Plus, I feel that I made more headway with her than I even expected.  I hope she’s able to stay on the program and make a real lifetime of progress.  I told her that next year is going to come anyway, why not try your best to have a better relationship with your money?

Callback: “Geico” @ Ross Lacy Casting.   In a word – butta!  This felt really good.

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