Friday, July 10, 2015

While getting on the path to a better financial future I had a particular friend that I work with who I urged to join me. I urged and I urged...and I urged some more. Finally, about 3-4 years later she was ready. I offered to sit down with her, outside of work, and shared my story, in detail, and offer different ways to think about money.

That was 6-7 months ago and today she is like a whole different person. I can actually see that she stands taller. Our conversations are completely different! She's getting things in order and MAKING decisions instead of REACTING to "what had happened was...". She is moving things and she is shaking things! I'm SO incredibly proud of her!

She shared our meeting with another, much newer employee. I made the same offer to her. I didn't know her too well as we rarely worked together, but every time I saw her I'd ask her "what's up wit dem numbas?" We'd chat and laugh...a little. She'd ask when I was working next, and I'd say, "If you're at all serious about changing your situation we should talk outside of work...this needs our full attention."

A few weeks later she took me to lunch and we shared our situations. For starters, just so she would know where I was coming from, I told her that I come from a zero debt mentality as in NONE at all. Two hours later she seemed to feel that she could get a handle on things. I was thrilled!

A few weeks later she gave me the run-down on some of the changes she's made and just last night we spoke. Things are definitely on a much better track for her and she's telling her girlfriends about what she's doing!

In our conversation last night the thing that made me smile the most was the fact that she is no longer afraid to check the mail!

Personal finance has turned into my sport of choice!

What do the cool people say? "You go girl!

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