Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Audition: “Untitled Chris Case Pilot/aka Havoc” @ Josh Einsohn Casting.  This was a pre-read and I was very happy with how things went in the room.  Hopefully I will get a callback!

Audition: “Pure Protein/Sun Naturals” @ Pop Casting.  I was late getting to this one because of the earlier pilot audition and I didn’t have a partner, so I read with part of the casting team.  It went okay…I guess.  Not so sure a callback is in my future for this one.

Audition: “Realtor.com” @ Francine Selkirk Casting.  Same-day call on a busy afternoon, but the schedule worked out perfectly and the audition was pretty good too.

In other news, purchased my ticket to head back east to Virginia and then a road trip up to Pennsylvania for my Aunt Barbara’s funeral.

I also got word that I have a callback tomorrow for the pilot I went in on today.  I’m SO excited about that!

I’m not so excited about missing another audition for tomorrow and ALSO a callback for “Pure Proteins/Sun Naturals”, but I gotta do what I gotta do. 


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