Sunday, December 20, 2015

Wrap party: “Dude”…somewhere in the lower Hollywood hills, ironically, over looking the very place where I work at night.  This was a bit of a weird experience because I didn’t actually get to film my scene in the movie, I didn’t know or really even recognize anyone from the production. 

At first, I felt like someone who snuck in to just eat the food!  After a while I started talking a woman and then felt a little more like I had a reason to be there, lol!  Before leaving I really wanted to introduce myself to Olivia Milch, the director, but since I didn’t audition I hadn’t met her and wasn’t sure what she looked like.  I explained my dilemma to my new friend and she pointed out exactly who Olivia was. 

After a moment or two, I approached Olivia and she greeted me like an old friend AND knew exactly who I was.  She gave me a gift of a hat with the name of the film on it, DUDE, and assured me that the scene will be rescheduled.  With that I finished my chicken kabob and walked back down the Hollywood Hill…and went to my night job.

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