Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Back in the saddle on Stage 16 and it feels good. I take a look at this week's script and as expected it's just a couple of lines, but hopefully that will change in time. They put me in several scenes so hopefully I'll just become a staple on the show.

I relayed the message to Suzanne about Martin Landau and she perked up just the same as he did. She also told me that she dated Martin when she was fourteen!

Remember that "Grounded For Life" audition last week? The one where I was curious if my agent got some not so glowing feedback? I asked her today and she said no. I also asked if she would put a call in at "Providence" since CD Susan Bluestein had told me to keep the material. I was hoping for a callback, but they probably moved on without me.

Also one of the series regulars on "Good Morning Miami", Jere Burns suggested that I have a name other than "stage manager". I elected "Scott". I don't know if it will stick since none of the writers or producers were on stage at the time. My brother Jeff's middle name is "Scott". On "Frasier" my characters name is "Jason", that is one of my other brother's middle name by coincidence.

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