Thursday, August 29, 2002

YES!!! I am excited to officially have a recurring role on a TV series. We filmed the third episode of "Good Morning Miami" and as usual I had a great time. I do very little, but I am being established early in the development of the show. Who knows what it could lead to?

I have to say that what I'm experiencing right now is surreal for me. Sometimes I cannot believe how things are developing. Even though it's happening in the exact form that I have planned, it's just funny to be in the storm of it. I have always been concerned about things happening too fast in my career. I just don't want to skip any steps.

The beautiful thing about the position I find myself in now is that I don't have to start from the beginning. What I mean by that is that as actors we normally start with a submission (1st base), audition (2nd base), callback (3rd base) and then hopefully a booking (homerun). We can get to 3rd base all day long and not score. That's a really good thing, but it doesn't pay the rent. So it made sense to me to put myself in a stronger, more rooted position. I figured with a recurring role I get to "start" at 3rd base with a lead off toward home plate. That way I won't have to go to bat every time. When the call comes from the casting office it is to check my availability. No pre-read, no callback, no nonsense. It's much more efficient and a recurring role will help to raise my profile.

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