Tuesday, September 03, 2002

KSA calls with a request for more photos; I'll have 50 delivered to them by this afternoon. So, I'm back in the saddle after the holiday weekend. It has been unusually hot in LA; thankfully my A/C is working in my car. I'm out in the field doing my drop-offs to commercial facilities. Usually after doing drop-offs I get more auditions, I don't how much of a connection there is, but it seems to work. I worked three days last week, but I didn't have any auditions which means I may not work this week. When I was @ Chelsea Studios I saw Susan Havins and her associate Dea Vise. Susan Havins Casting is the company that cast the "Honda/Japan" spot. I had never auditioned for her before and I just wanted to formally introduce myself to her. As I approached her, she knew who I was and thanked me for the picture frame and thank you card that I dropped off for her. I told her how much fun we had on the shoot and she seemed genuinely happy that we had a great time. She then informed me that they have plans for us to shoot 2-3 additional "Honda" spots. Wow!! That sound like fun!! Oh, yeah I have an audition tomorrow.

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