Friday, August 09, 2002

DAY THREE "Honda/Japan"-Today we shot in West LA. Unlike yesterday, it was quite cool since we were near the beach.

Today was water day. Yeah, we spent a good portion of the day soaked and wet. Hey! Somebody's got to do it right? It was about as real as it gets, having someone spray you with cold water over and over again. The producers/director seemed really happy with the footage that they were getting.

Also, the producer was telling me about the second spot of this campaign. If this spot performs well we will be doing another one, possibly in October. This next one will be centered on snowboarding! WHAT!!! He said that it may be in the US or not. We have to find snow. Have passport will travel. I am so fortunate and to think that I didn't even have an appointment for this spot. Go figure. Oh yeah, I also got word that the "Good Morning Miami" schedule is going to work out. YES!! I did not want to lose that gig.

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