Thursday, September 12, 2002

Tonight we filmed the fourth episode of "Good Morning Miami". I have been in three of them so far. Just like the previous ones I've had 1-3 lines in 2-3 scenes. At this point I am becoming a little familiar. I'm dying to find out how this show will be received by the public. It is funny stuff; I don't see how they come up with this stuff week after week.
I was added at the last minute to this episode. The way I understand it, they were blocking a scene and they needed a tidbit of information delivered and one of the creator/executive producers insisted that it be me. They said he didn't have to think about it and immediately knew I was who he wanted. This is the position I have been trying to get myself in. I am really being looked out for on this set. Everyone, cast & crew, treats me very well and strongly feels that I will be a bigger part of the team. Time will tell I guess.

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