Wednesday, September 11, 2002

I had a really good audition for "21st Century Insurance". The cool part was that we had to be actual policy holders. That alone should make the competition pretty small. To top it off I had a great, true nightmare story about another company which led to my switch to "21st". I would love to get a callback on this one.

I got a last minute call this morning to see if I was available to work on "Good Morning Miami" tomorrow. YES!! Cool!!

I also gave blood at the SAG office which was really cool. I need to do that more often. While watching blood leave my body I got word that I booked that role on "Gilmore Girls". The only problem was that it also shoots tomorrow. Oh well, I guess I'll get them next time. Late this evening my brother calls with a status report on my mom. He sounds really troubled, I am going home.

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