Wednesday, October 09, 2002

Today I leave for Tokyo, Japan. WHAT!!! Yeah Japan! I had a feeling this was going to come to fruition, but not so soon. Anyway, here I am on a non-stop 12 hour flight from Los Angeles to Tokyo. We are being treated like kings. It is I, Craig Welzbacher and DJ Elliot. Craig is the one who got DJ and me in on the initial audition. We are now hearing rumors that they want to shoot 2-3 more spots before the end of the year. One possible location is the Swiss Alps. WHAT!!! This is beyond surreal. I mean, everything is happening for me exactly how I have rehearsed it. Not one thing is different so far, but I still have to pinch myself at times. Craig researched key points of Japanese customs for us to keep in mind to make this trip as best as it can be. We have a golden situation on our hands and we want to maximize it as best we can.

Here we are!! Tokyo, Japan. We are picked up at the Narita airport and driven straight to a wardrobe fitting 1 1/2 hours away at the Pyramid Films production headquarters. There we are reunited with several players from the LA production crew. First we are shown the two commercials that are currently running and we are very pleased. Afterwards we are fitted for the next days shoot. The director and a few others take us out to dinner. We eat a lot of...... well it was very interesting to say the least and we sat on the floor with no shoes. At this point we were completely exhausted, but DJ and I were determined to see some of the town. I lasted about five minutes before I was falling asleep in the first bar we went into, it was time to get some sleep. Oh yeah, I get word that I am on hold for "Frasier" again!!

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