Friday, October 11, 2002

After a long, long day yesterday shoot day is here. We had a mid-afternoon start so the morning was ours to see the sights. We started in Ueno where Craig, a serious motorcycle fan, was in heaven. From there we went to Akihabra. Akihabra is where all the latest electronics can be purchased. The amount of things to see is overwhelming. We made our way into the Llaox electronics store and scoped out some cool electronics. It was also here that we were recognized for the first time. WHAT!!! A cute young sales clerk asked me, in her best English, if she knew me. I said "no, I just arrived in Tokyo for the first time." Then she saw Craig and DJ and said "aren't you on the TV?" I wasn't even thinking that she could have seen the commercial on TV. When she saw that it was us she got so excited. It was weird; I mean she was really happy. Around this time we were so tired of walking and jet-lagged that we just wanted to go back to our hotel and sleep.

Time to hits the streets!! Roppongi here we come!! Ha!! Now, I rarely go out, here in LA, but I was really looking forward to hitting the streets of Tokyo. We had heard so much about Roppongi and the nightclub "Gaspanic" in Tokyo's famed seedy red light district that we had to check it out. We got there kinda early so it seemed pretty boring at first. This place stays open until like 9am so it was going to be a slow build. While at the club we saw our commercial numerous times. Since we didn't have to work the next day it was a late night.

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