Saturday, October 12, 2002

With very little sleep we were back in the streets of Tokyo. We had a local named "Shinichi" guide us around to do a little shopping. We wanted to get finished early so we get a little sleep because we planned to stay out all night and just sleep on the plane. Later that night back at Gaspanic it almost didn't work, DJ and I were falling asleep in the club. We were almost ready to call it a night when 3 young ladies recognized us from commercial. Well that woke us up. We hung out, danced, and then went to a karaoke room for a couple of hours. After that we ate in an American style eatery, but then it was around 7am. It was time to go since our pick-up to go to the airport was at 10:45am. We said our good-byes and went back to pack our bags to go back to the states.

The flight back was again very relaxing. Korean Air really took care of us. While getting ready to board for return flight I figured out that I'd left my cell phone on the plane when we arrived in Tokyo. I called the airline; they tracked it and returned my phone to LAX for me.

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