Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Drop-offs, drop-offs & more drop-offs! These days I am spending a lot of time in my '89 Honda Accord with 218,000 miles on it. Everyday I'm trying get photos and postcards out into the universe. There are so many opportunities for work here in LA that often times I feel it is here for the taking. I think I say that because I have a lot of tricks I play on myself when it is quiet to keep my sanity. I can totally understand how people can get discouraged.

Sometimes I feel like two different people and I asked myself how I keep going day in, day out. I just love being out in the field taking control of my future. Today I ran into a commercial director I worked 2 years ago. He was very surprised that I remembered his name, the date of the shoot, name of the spot and the fact that he has been nominated for a DGA commercial director's award. He liked the fact that I was out in the field trying to hustle up some business.

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