Wednesday, February 05, 2003

I'm back in the Honda this morning for commercial audition. While I'm there someone asked me if I had gone in for a "Jeep" spot that was going on across town. The spot was looking for guys & girls with dreads. Of course I went straight there after my audition to see what the deal was. The whole way I was trying figure out my strategy.

I didn't wanna blow any chance to be seen. I could call my agent or I could just ask the session runner if they will see me. I was kinda on the fence with what to do. If I call my agent they will check their records and say that I was submitted, which I believe. They might even put me on hold and call the casting office and try to get me seen. Or I could go at it alone and try to get in by asking the session runner, if that doesn't work I probably wouldn't go to my agent. I have become a master at sniffing out an opportunity. It's a touchy thing because the last thing I want to do is embarrass myself or my agency.

I have a great commercial agency, but I know that there are spots going on around town everyday that I could be seen for that I am not. That is just the way it works, and many times they are legitimate reasons. That doesn't mean that I have to settle for that though. That is why I get in my Honda everyday and try to make it happen.

As soon as I walked in the room the session runner asked if I was there for "Jeep". Bingo!! That meant I must be right for it. I said "yes" and he said to come back after lunch. I left not sure of what I was going to do. I could just return and risk getting turned away or call my agent and see if they could get me in.

I decided to call my agent and ask about the spot for myself and my friend Keilana who is with the same agency. They put me on hold and made a call, we appointments for the next day!! YES!! Today I also went for "IHOP" as a rapper. I never really know what the rap guys wear, but it was a fun audition. We and another actor got to beat box while a French guy rapped, a sight to see.

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