Tuesday, February 25, 2003

FEBRUARY 25th '03*This morning I finally get the word on the "Sears" spot that I've been on avail for, I have been released. Another one so close, yet not really. Ten minutes later I get the call that I am on avail for "Denny's". It shoots Thursday or Friday. I am scheduled on a 6am flight Friday to Birmingham, AL to see my sister; I'll change it if I need to.

I make my way over to Chelsea Studios for an audition for "Helman's" at Craig Colvin Casting. I see Craig and thank him for bringing me in for "Boston Globe" which I got really close on. He thought I was the choice, but at the last minute someone was flown in from NY that they had worked with before.

Afterwards I go over to my commercial agency, Kazarian-Spencer & Associates, to show my face and say hello. I really like being a client of theirs whether it's slow or busy.

This caught me by surprise, my agent called to say that "Good Morning, Miami" wanted to hire me for tomorrow and that I won't conflict with "ER". WHAT!!! "ER"? Yeah I find out that I am the choice for "ER" from the previous week. Cool!!

On the way home I stopped by The Casting Studios to drop-off photos. The entire place was really busy, so I sit down and "cased the joint" like an undercover cop. I see a guy who is my type that I sorta know and he asked if I was there for the same thing he was. I said no and that I was just dropping off photos, he thought I should try and get in on the same spot he was there for. I was a little reluctant, it was kind of busy and I didn't want to just crash it. So I asked and the woman running the session was kind enough to let me audition.

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