Wednesday, March 12, 2003

I had to show a little back-bone this morning. Since I'm usually hired on "Good Morning, Miami" at the last minute sometimes I'm not on the call sheet.

As I'm checking in through the gate on the CBS Radford lot, I have trouble getting through---again. I waited patiently as the female security guard was on a phone call. I could hear that it was a personal call, no problem I'm a very reasonable guy, but 5-7 minutes is an eternity when you are waiting in a small office for someone to do their job of taking care of your needs.

While on the phone she was kinda half-way looking for my name on a list somewhere. This is the 3rd time this has happened with this particular guard. For some reason she didn't have a call sheet for "Good Morning, Miami". Okay, not her fault. There was also no fax saying I would be working on this day, again not her fault. At that point she should have been on the phone to solve my problem. This is my 10th episode and about the 30th time on the lot for this show.

The problem was that she wouldn't end her personal call to take care of me and it offended me. I am a really nice guy most of the time, but my "prick" side bubbles just below the surface and if I need it I can switch in a flash. I felt as though she didn't value my time in the least.

She finally got off the phone when I started to get impatient. I asked her "what the heck was taking so long?" She said she couldn't find me on the list. I told her that I felt she was being disrespectful, she said the same to me. I asked her who was she talking to on the phone and she should have been helping me. So she calls some other person who was of no help.

Finally, I called the casting office myself and was taken care of in less than a minute. I told her that I would go to set and bring her a call sheet myself. Of course when I got the call sheet I wasn't on it anyway. That wasn't the point; the point was that she felt her personal call was way more important than me getting to work.

Predictably, I felt really bad afterwards. She is someone's mother and/or wife I was talking to in that fashion. I didn't want to look like an actor who was trying to throw his weight around, but I also didn't want to be disrespected for no good reason. I mean if she was on an urgent personal call that would have been different, but she was just lolly gagging about nothing that seemed important.

When I brought her the call sheet we both apologized to each other. I think she saw this very casually dressed, young, black male, with dreadlocks and didn't take me seriously. I don't think she treats everyone like that and I bet you she will no longer treat me that way either.

Back in the saddle at "Good Morning, Miami". I don't know if the show will back next year or not, but I want to go on record to say that I think it is really funny. Anyway, as soon as I finished working my agent called to say that I'd been released from my avail for the "IBM" commercial. 38 minutes later I get a call to say that I'm on avail for a "Sun Microsystems" commercial.

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