Tuesday, March 11, 2003

MARCH 11th '03*I gotta tell you, I really enjoy what I do. Today I had a pilot audition on the Paramount lot. Shortly before I go in my commercial agent calls to say that the "IBM" spot I did back in May might be redone. Cool! They were checking my availability and seeing if I look the same. Since I cannot always get on the studio lots I try to make those trips as useful as possible. I pull out my trusty Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC to find addresses and drop-off to everyone I can while on there. Usually there are ones that I have an old address for, but there are always some that I find that I didn't know where existed. I run into Alan @ Gilda Stratton Casting, he got me an audition @ "Abby" several months ago. He said he thought there was something I was right in the Norm MacDonald pilot they are working on now. It is such an empowering feeling to take control of your destiny and that is exactly what I feel like I'm doing.

Get this, while I am plotting & planning another drop-off who calls my name. It's Peri Gilpin (Roz) & Patrick Kerr (Noel) that I worked with both times on "Frasier". I was surprised that they remembered me. It made me feel as though I'm making some headway in this crazy business. Just before I leave the lot "Good Morning, Miami" puts me on Avail. Yes!! Three hours later they book me for work.

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