Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Cool!! I have an audition at one of the CD offices that I dropped off at while I was on the Universal lot last week. It's for "LA Dragnet"; the role is "B-Mo" a street hustler. I'm always a little apprehensive when I get these calls. I just have a hard time believing that an audience is going to buy me as a hard-core street dealer. There is a part for me in those stories, maybe the foot soldier that is now strung out on crack. I just don't think I'm the guy who brought 40 kilos of coke to the neighborhood. Anyway, there was a paramedic role that I wanted to be seen for instead. I called my agent and they asked the CD to see me for the other role. The CD said "no problem". I didn't get a callback, but I think they will consider me for the run of the season. I feel good about making the decision of requesting to be seen for the other role.

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