Thursday, September 04, 2003

Today I had an audition for a SAG short film at CBS Radford. After the audition I had planned to do some drop-offs on the lot. It was blazing hot and I wanted to sit in the shade while looking up addresses in my Pocket PC. I finally found shade right next to the stage where NBC's "The Tracy Morgan Show" shoots. It is also the former stage of "Seinfeld". Several people had walked back and forth when finally a gentleman asked me if I was lost. I told him "no" and that I was preparing to pass out photos on the lot; ya know "get my hustle on". He thought that was great. I could tell that he was somehow connected to the "The Tracy Morgan Show". He suggested that I drop a photo to the show, but I told him that casting wasn't done on the lot for that particular production. I told him that I'd seen the trailer for the show at the Academy Network Preview and enjoyed it. Turns out he was the father of Marc John Jefferies; one of the kids on the show. He is also a producer and let me read part of his script that was just greenlit. I informed him that I recur on "Good Morning, Miami" also shooting on the CBS lot. He then invited me to come in to watch rehearsal. It looks like a really funny show that is a mid-season replacement. I said I hope it doesn't replace "Good Morning, Miami", but with the lack of advertising it will be challenging for "GMM". I watched rehearsal, which was quite entertaining and saw, former rapper, Heavy D who is also on the show. Who was directing? "Friends" cast member David Schwimmer. Peace!

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