Tuesday, September 30, 2003

This morning I get an e-mail from a friend of SonHui, the friend that I accompanied to the wedding last week in Phoenix. My heart starts racing as I am wondering what was going on. I call her and she tells me that SonHui is in the hospital. She had had a brain aneurysm. WHAT!!! A week ago I was right there with her in Phoenix. It threw me for a loop, you never really think that sort of thing will happen to anyone you know. She goes in to surgery this evening.

Cool! My agent calls to tell me that my time on the feature "The Terminal" has been increased to a week. That is great to hear, I am really excited about this project.

Also, tonight is the big night!!! It's the second season premiere of "Good Morning, Miami". I think the show was fantastic!! Some of my lines were there and some were cut. I think the show has a great chance to be very important for NBC in the coming years if they get behind it.

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