Monday, September 29, 2003

Today I sent out an e-mail reminder for friends to watch the second season premiere of "Good Morning, Miami". It's amazing how many people are rooting for me, many I haven't ever met in the flesh. I really appreciate it. One young lady, Staci, got word that I booked a role in "The Terminal" with Tom Hanks. She happens to be really good friends with the casting associate that cast the film. She forwarded my e-mail message to her and the casting associate, Tannis responded that "Steven loves me" (my audition performance, that is). WHAT!!! Yeah, Steven as in "Spielberg". Cool!!! Here is the quote:

"one more thing...i talked to tannis and she said steven LOVES you! go get 'em baby! love staci"

The audition was like 3 lines, I couldn't figure out how he came up with all of that. I'll take it though. Maybe they were actually shooting all of the pre-audition conversation about me not drinking coffee. I've been doing research on Mr. Spielberg and I found that he doesn't drink coffee either.

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