Friday, October 17, 2003

LAX. Bright & early. Ready to Rock 'n Roll!! I'm off to my hometown of Virginia Beach, VA to attend my high school class reunion. Interesting, to say the least. Can I tell you that I absolutely love going home? It's the best feeling. It's just so "regular", so "calm". Make no mistake my hometown has it's "issues" too, but compared to NY & LA I feel like I am in a time warp back into a time when things were more "simple". So I show up at the reunion and recognize people right away. Many of the names came to me instinctively. Most people looked pretty much liked themselves with the additional years added. I don't know how I looked to others. Quite a few didn't recognize me at all. That didn't surprise me. I wasn't really known for much other than my skills on a BMX bike. At least that's all I remember. Some knew I had become an actor and had questions about it. Others found out and were kinda shocked by it. I can see why, there wasn't any of it while I was in high school. There were many people that I thought would be there that didn't attend. Maybe they'll be there on the second night.

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