Friday, October 24, 2003

Today is busy!! This is a good thing, since it has been a little quiet as of late. First, I have a really good commercial audition for "Old Spice" @ Sheila Manning Casting. Then I read for USA Network's "Monk" for CFB Casting. The role was a Rastafarian cook in prison with a Jamaican accent. Must be the hair, huh? Anyway, I work on the material with two of my actor friends and got to a good place with it. The audition went well, I'm not sure how right I was for the role, but it went well. That is all I can ask for. Lastly, I participated in a screenplay reading for a new film that is setup at Universal Pictures. The director is Franc Reyes, he directed "Empire" last year starring John Leguizamo. I was surrounded by a lot of really talented performers and it was a blast. Mimi Rogers was there as well. I got into that through a friend, Nicole Gomez Fisher, called me at the last minute to participate. Thanks Nicole!!

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